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Provided here is a quick summary of downloadable updates.  Check that you are running the current version.
Product Current Version
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Type Download Size (Meg) Contact
HydroCalc Demo Install or Existing Update


Install & Update 2.48
(New DNF diameters)

Micro Space Systems

HydroCalc N1.85 for Windows (.185 viewer) 4.1.5 Install 0.261 Micro Space Systems
Stand-Alone N1.85 for Windows 4.0.2 Install 1.700 Micro Space Systems
MssPrint engine (.MSS viewer) 4.1.8 Install 0.586 Micro Space Systems


Install & Update 0.342 Micro Space Systems
Great Circle Calculator


Install & Update 0.217 Micro Space Systems
Water Billing


Update 0.211 Micro Space Systems
GemList page

Visit GemList.com

Install & Update varies Micro Space Systems
Arabic Made Easy


Demo Only 5.603 SMiles Productions LLC , download is on their site
Oil Tanker Tracking


Update 0.394

Latest Update

Install & Update 7+ (authorization code needed to function)

Red listings are for commercially available products.

Blue listings are developed for clients.

These downloads are executable files that will guide you through the installation process.   If you "Save the file to disk", you will need to RUN the file from your hard disk (be sure to remember where you placed it).

Updates are for users that currently have an installed version of the program.   Although the download will run, if you are not actually updating an installed program, you will be missing critical files and not able to make the actual program operate.  Complete installs are available from the listed contact.

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